German & Australian Shepherd Mix

Content You May Additionally Be Excited About These Mixes: Getting Started In Dog Sports Activities You need to invest time to have a properly-behaved German Shepherd crossed with Australian Shepherd dog. He actually enjoys cuddling and sits directly on top of you if he is given the oppertunity. We began socializing from the day we … Read more

The German Shepherd

Content Temperament & Intelligence Of The German Australian Shepherd German Australian Shepherd These canine can work all day lengthy with out turning into lethargic as a result of that’s what their dad and mom have been initially bred to do. These canine sport chiseled heads and medium to lengthy muzzles relying on which father or … Read more


Content Well Being Considerations Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Combine Character And Temperament Well Being Issues Australian Shepherds are typically a pretty wholesome breed, but they can have several health issues. In merle-to-merle breeding, the puppies which have inherited two copies of the merle gene have an increased risk of being born blind or deaf. The … Read more

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Content Other German Shepherd & Australian Shepherd Mixes Residing With A German Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix: The Way To Make A Greater Life With You can discover any of those grooming instruments in a great pet provide retailer. For more on feeding your Aussie, see our pointers for getting the proper meals, … Read more